Grateful Hearts Campaign - Help us continue essential services

Despite the closure of our Thrift Shop due to COVID-19, and the lost revenue that we count on every month to fund our operations, thanks to community support, we are still able to offer essential services to our most vulnerable residents. If you’ve made a financial donation, we thank you!
If you are a District 69 resident struggling to buy food or medicine, call us at 250-248-2093. Seniors who need help with their grocery shopping can contact us. Residents who need counselling services can call to access our Counselling Referral program, which will connect them with a professional counsellor online. Our vital Meals on Wheels program continues to deliver nutritious meals. We are continuing Friendly Visiting with seniors over the phone, and we are calling to check in on senior clients regularly. Our work with the Oceanside Task Force on Homelessness continues to help individuals experiencing homelessness with supplies and housing emergency assistance.

We’re here to help as long as our funds allow. If you can make a financial donation to help your neighbours in need, donate to our Grateful Hearts campaign by clicking here.  Your help can’t wait! #sosgratefulhearts #unityincommunity


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