Strategic Plan

To make our District a secure, supported and inclusive community.

Through collaboration with community leaders and organizations, deliver a sustainable, creative, relevant and compassionate prevention and safety net for School District 69 residents in need.

1.  Deliver relevant, community-based programming

  • Deliver a program plan to meet the identified needs of the community based on SOS defined selection criteria

2. Ensure the continuing financial viability of SOS

  • Evaluate the capacity of SOS to meet ongoing and future demands
  • Respond to the risks and opportunities of the financial environment

3. Engage in strategic alliances to deliver optimum community benefits

  • Define criteria for collaborative initiatives
  • Promote an environment of collaboration

4. Inspire community support

  • Actively communicate with all stakeholders
  • Report regularly to stakeholders on benefits and opportunities

5. Provide effective governance

  • Ensure strong and competent management is in place
  • Execute a monitoring and evaluation plan

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