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Volunteer & Support

Volunteering2017HenriJohanna  SOS Volunteers and Community Partners are the essence of SOS. The local committment to helping  make our District a secure, supported and inclusive community is strong, and evident at SOS.

 Annually, over 350 volunteers contribute knowledge and expertise to SOS Programs and the Thrift    Shop's  growing success. It is for that reason that we are able to offer so many important community  programs and  services. Your Volunteer time at the SOS is fun, flexible and social. Volunteering in your  community can  easily fit any schedule or lifestyle.

  Come and join us at the SOS, volunteer for the success of our community, whether it's just one  hour or several hours every week/month. We'll introduce you to our team, give you an excellent orientation and training for all our positions, and welcome you to the SOS family.




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