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SOS is looking for a bus driver to transport program participants of all ages around Oceanside.

We are looking for an individual who has a Class 4 license with a good driving record to drive our 21-passenger bus.   The driver will need to have a lot of flexibility in their availability to drive the bus, as the hours for driving will change based on which programs they are driving for.   Our Child and Youth programs also have two week breaks four times a year, and we do not require drivers at that time.  The hours of driving could vary from 2 hours a week up to 10 hours or more.  The rate of pay is $14.00 an hour and would be a way to supplement a regular income or provide a nice opportunity to those who have other income and are looking for a way to give back to their community.

Because our bus drivers work with seniors, children, youth and families, it is important that they have strong ‘people skills’ and are able to manage stress while on the job.  And we definitely need someone who is reliable and dependable. If you are interested, please email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. or call 250-248-2093 ext 242.

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Positive Reviews:

  • Thank you for arranging a drive for my medical appointment... I really appreciate your cheerfulness...

    ~ a safely transported client

  • Not since the banquets of Nero... has such a meal been served on golden plates!

    ~ a delighted diner

  • The program was most helpful, empowering, and valuable.

    ~ a self-help participant

  • I have become more dignified and stable.

    ~ a community member enriched

  • This is the best day of my whole life.

    ~ a child's first picnic

  • Besides the hardship assistance, subsidized children's programming and vouchers... you have given us the greatest gift... respect, compassion, and dignity.

    ~ a family helped

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