On February 27, Society of Organized Services was one of the recipients honoured by Prime Minister Stephen Harper, during the second Prime Minister’s Volunteer Awards (PMVA) at a special ceremony in Toronto. Accepting the award on behalf of SOS was Cory McIntosh, SOS president, and Renate Sutherland, SOS executive director.

The Prime Minister’s Volunteer Awards recognize two national recipients, one for lifelong achievement and one for an emerging leader, as well as 15 individuals, businesses and not-for-profit organizations in five regions across Canada. The awards also highlight best practices in community leadership and encourage partnerships across sectors. SOS is a regional (British Columbia and North) award recipient in the category of Social Innovator.

The recipients, who were selected through a rigorous assessment process, were presented with medals, certificates and lapel pins. As part of their recognition package, each recipient will identify a not-for-profit organization to receive a one-time funding grant in their honour. Not-for-profit organizations identified by the 15 regional award recipients will each receive $5,000, and those identified by the two national award recipients will each receive $10,000.

“It was a humbling experience to hear of the great work other volunteers are doing around the country. However, it was truly a proud moment for me to accept the award on behalf of all SOS volunteers.  I am looking forward to sharing it with everyone when we return, especially (SOS founding member) Edith Chamberlayne,” said McIntosh. 

“SOS has always been tremendously grateful to our volunteers, who have formed the foundation of SOS right from the very beginning,” says Renate Sutherland, executive director at Society of Organized Services. “It may seem like a simple thing for our volunteers, to perform those every day tasks on behalf of SOS, whether it’s caring for toddlers, delivering meals to shut ins, working the till in the thrift shop, or donating their time in any of our programs. But it really contributes to changing our world.”

For more information about the awards and recipients visit www.pm.gc.ca/awards.