Society of Organized Services

Who we are
SOS is a not-for-profit, registered Canadian Charity. Since 1968, SOS has responded to the needs of individuals and families in District 69. With the support of 350 volunteers, staff, and community collaborations, SOS provides 30 programs and services to all ages, including programs that meet basic needs, as well as programs that promote healthy living and social connections. The SOS Thrift Shop is the key funder of SOS.

Our History

In the summer of 1968, a call went out to community leaders throughout District 69. This call came from a number of concerned individuals whose social conscience wouldn’t allow them to ignore the plight of their neighbours. Families in need were not receiving the help they needed to overcome hardships. Was it possible to create an effective organization to help the families in District 69?

As well as basic necessities like warm coats, food, and shelter; children needed orthopedic shoes, eye glasses, hearing aids, basic dental care, speech therapy, and prescription medications. These all posed as obstacles to the childrens’ access to basic education. Young mothers needed guidance, and a temporary relief from everyday burdens; the elderly, poor, and infirm needed rides to access medical care, someone to repair a broken stair which could lead to injury, or a dripping tap, which cut into an already meager income. Shut-ins needed visitors to let them know someone cared, and to perform small services, which would improve their quality of life.

The call for community action to ease the burdens of families in need was answered. Educators, clergymen, medical professionals, government officials, law enforcement, lawyers, bankers, businessmen, and union leaders offered their time and expertise to help address local needs. In turn, caring citizens from all walks of life, from Nanoose to Bowser, and Errington to Lasqueti, joined this group to volunteer their time and expertise to the cause.

Thus emerged District 69, Society of Organized Services.

Vision, Mission & Values

Our Mission

To improve the community through programming and provide a safety net for School District 69 residents.

Our Vision

A supported and inclusive community.

Our Values

  • We value all staff contributions by creating an encouraging and inspirational workplace.
  • We enhance dignity and self-empowerment when responding to the needs of the community.
  • We search for opportunities to expand our knowledge, services and programs to assist our community.
  • We seek collaboration with both individuals and organizations in District 69.
  • We gain and retain the community’s trust through responsible management of resources, programs and services.
  • We strive for excellence in delivery of programs and services.



The goal of our Strategic Plan is to identify and meet the evolving social and economic needs of School District 69 residents over the next five years and beyond.

In executing this Plan in our District, we will collaborate with others who provide similar services and lead where and when appropriate.

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the needs of local residents.

A Commemorative
50th Anniversary Book

SOS has an amazing story to share. After 3 years of interviews, research, and pouring over our history books, we’re very pleased to present this book entitled Celebrating A Caring Community. 

50th Anniversary

Something had to be done. It was 1968 and a number of concerned citizens noticed that needs were going unmet by local school children and their families. They were also troubled that some adults and “older people” were going without basic necessities.

Our Resilient Community:
2021 Commemorative Calendar

When COVID-19 forced our communities into lock-down, we had some difficult decisions to make. Our Thrift Shop was closed and revenue that has traditionally funded the majority of our programs and services disappeared.


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