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Society of Organized Services

With your support, we can help local seniors age in place, ensure they stay connected with others, and

receive financial support and advocacy during times of emergency. Here’s an example of how SOS

supports local seniors.

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Joanne (her name has been changed to protect her identity) was in poor health when we met

her. Her home was falling apart around her, her furnace had stopped working and she had no money

to put groceries in her cupboard, let alone pay for a new furnace. Someone told her to contact SOS

for help.


“I was really, really depressed which kind of contributed to the not being able to take care of

myself. But I was just desperate enough to try calling. I wasn’t exactly sure if anyone there could or

would help me, but I had to do something,” she told us.


When Joanne met with our SOS Seniors’ Advocacy Services Coordinator, we discovered she

wasn’t accessing the government benefits she was entitled to. She couldn’t

afford much-needed home repairs and was skipping meals in order to get by.


Sadly this is not an isolated story. Many seniors don’t own their own home and are vulnerable

to landlords who either sell or increase their rent so much that they are forced to move. Not able

to afford market rent, sadly more and more are becoming at risk of homelessness. That’s why SOS

Seniors’ Advocacy Services is such a lifeline for seniors like Joanne.


When a senior, or any vulnerable resident comes to SOS for help, we take the time to

understand their unique circumstances so that we can identify the most pressing needs. Once

Joanna made that important call to us, we immediately got to work filing all the necessary

documents that would enable her to receive all the benefits she was entitled to. And while

working closely with local government offices, we were able to expedite the process so that she

could plan for addressing her most immediate needs.


“I have a brand-new roof — one more winter and the house would have been ruined,” said Joanne.


For seniors and other low-income adults who do not have others they can rely on, SOS

becomes their advocate. And because of donor support, we have the resources to go that extra mile,

preventing more residents from slipping through the cracks and becoming another statistic in the

growing unhoused population in our community. That’s community impact. And that’s why your

donation is so important.


You can help us make a bigger impact by donating to the SOS IMPACT CAMPAIGN today.


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