We have a very generous community. 

We have known that for years – in fact for more than five decades/ And during these past three years of challenges brought on by the pandemic and rising inflation, our supporters have stepped up in ways that are truly humbling.

From cash donations, to holding fundraising events for us, to volunteering with meal delivery and program assistance, our supporters have been there for us every step of the way. For that, we will be eternally grateful.

So as a way of giving back to our community, we are developing a series of free learning seminars that will inform and engage residents on topics that are most meaningful to our community, in the immediate and long-term.

You see, the pandemic revealed a lot of vulnerability in our area. It has already changed many things about the way we live and work.

It revealed cracks in our infrastructure and a warning about what will be needed in the coming years in order to provide adequate services to all those in need. It also reinforced the necessity of sustaining a strong social safety net for residents if and when they need our collective caring.

The SOS Learning Series is our offering of useful information about relevant topics to help rebuild and renew a community that is great for everyone.

For example, we are planning a seminar in the new year on mental health and resilience. We know that many in our community are still struggling under the weight of the past three years of isolation, uncertainty, and change.  What else can we do as a community to support the mental health of our residents?

We also know that children and youth have paid a heavy price for school disruption, and many are anxious about their future. Research shows that having equitable access to healthy recreation opportunities is extremely important for the emotional, physical, and social well-being for kids of all ages. What else can we do to enrich the quality of life for kids in our community? 

And as we look at what financial resources will be required to address the emerging needs of our community, we must also provide a variety of options for donors to share their love and support for their community.  The SOS Legacy Stewards program will host free learning seminars in the spring and fall on the topic of legacy giving, explaining how you can save money on taxes while supporting SOS.  Just think what else you could do to improve the financial stability, quality of life and mental health of residents now and in the future.

So, stay tuned. We have a lot in store over the coming months. It will be a great way for you to let your caring shine!

With our grateful hearts,

Susanna Newton
SOS Executive Director