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Caution: We have been informed that someone claiming they are an SOS Income Tax Program Volunteer has called a resident asking for their SIN number. This is a scam. We would not call and ask for personal information unless you are accessing our program and expecting our call. We also have security measures in place for residents to verify it is an SOS Volunteer or Staff member calling them. We have reported this incident to the RCMP.


The SOS Income Tax program provides assistance with the preparation of basic income tax returns for low-income individuals, seniors, and families. The program works in conjunction with the Revenue Canada Community Volunteer Income Tax Program. This ensures that volunteers participate in on-line training sessions.

In 2022, taxes are being done over the phone due to the pandemic, from March 1 to April 29. For residents with difficulties over the phone, please call us so we can better accommodate you. Off-season taxes are available May- October, however the program is on hold for November and December.

Filing your taxes improves access to government benefits (e.g. Universal Childcare Tax Benefit, GST and Guaranteed Income Supplement) support services and tax credits.

Annual income criteria to qualify (total family income is under):

1 person: $35,000

2 people: $45,000

3 people: $47,500

4 people: $50,000

The threshold increases by $2,500 per dependent.

This program does not assist with self-employment, deceased, or bankruptcy.

Donations are gratefully accepted.


To make an Income Tax appointment, please call 250-248-2093 ext.229

For more information call the phone number above or email

Charitable Number: 107021537RR0001

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