Dear reader,

With the cost of everything going up, it can be challenging for couples, families and seniors to stay on a budget. So when charities come calling, as they must do in order to keep their doors open, it’s sometimes hard to turn them away. That’s why joining the SOS community of monthly supporters can be just the solution for staying on budget.
When we talk to some of our monthly donors, they tell us that they appreciate the convenience of donating smaller amounts every month through either automatic bank withdrawal or their credit card, rather than giving bigger donations once or twice a year. And some actually do both at special times of the year, like Christmas.
Our monthly supporters also tell us they feel better knowing they are providing SOS with reliable cash flow every month so that when times are tough, SOS will still have funding to keep programs and services running.

If you are already an esteemed member of the SOS Grateful Hearts Circle, please know how much you are appreciated. And if you are not a member yet, we would be pleased to welcome you as a new member. Your ongoing support each month will make an even bigger impact in the lives of local residents, ensuring we have the resources we need each month to help all those who reach out to us for support.

You can either sign-up online with your credit card, or join by mail here. Remember, it’s easy for you and means the world to your community!
With Sincere gratitude,
Susanna Newton
SOS Executive Director