SOS Oceanside Kids Got Talent Competition 2021

Thank you everyone for your amazing submissions! We had a wonderful time viewing all of these and we know they will impress and delight everyone who views them. Please vote only once and write your name and your vote in the comments section. If you don’t see a comments section, or are having trouble voting on our website, please email your vote to or text it to 250-954-9035. Voting is open until June 18. Winners will be announced June 21.


1. Auraelia Alexander solves the Rubik’s Cube. Age 11. “I was inspired to solve the Rubik’s Cube in a short amount of time because I like to challenge myself.” Click here to watch the video.




2. Finnley Doerksen loves gardening. Age 8. “My talent is gardening. I like picking strawberries and eating them. My inspiration for gardening comes from my mom.” Click photo to enlarge.




3. Zachary Doerksen can balance on the Railway tracks. Age 8. “My identical twin brother is Finnley Doerksen. My talent is balancing while walking on the railroad for a long time.  I like doing it because its good for your balance and its fun. My dad and my brother Finnley are my inspiration and motivation because they like doing it with me too.” Click photo to enlarge.



4. Autumn Alexander’s Clay Creations. Age 9. “The reason I like to make clay is because it gives me a chance to use my creativity.”  Click here to watch the video.



5. Clodagh Donohoe’s Interior design and architecture. Age 10. “I love interior design and architecture. I have a business named Clodagh Interiors. My mum is Kim Donohoe. This is a project I have been working on for a while now, and I thought it would be a good design for your contest. I have designed it for a family of four.”   Click here to view the design and description.



6. Nikki Davies – Horseback Riding with no hands. Age 10. “Horses are the best animal in the world, they are very strong and smart. Riding horses makes me feel good and happy.” Click here to watch the video.





7. Gabriel Adams – Alien Ship. Age 6. “Gabriel says he likes to make crafts and art because they are messy and can be anything he wants. The alien ship is inspired by Ben 10.”  Click photo to enlarge.




8. Kieran McIntyre’s Spin Art. Age 8. “I was inspired to try spin art because like creating different colour combinations and textures.”  Click photo to enlarge.



9. Chloe McIntyre’s Runaway Silhouette Video. “I am 12 years old. I’ve seen many people creating videos in this style, and wanted to try it for myself.”  Click here to view the video.